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    A. Alberto Lugo has participated in various high-level architectural projects during the course of his two-decade career as an architect. In 2012, he collaborated with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee to plan and design restorations to key public service facilities. The Hagman's Group of New York hired A. Alberto Lugo in 2015 to build the first structure made entirely of sustainable and repurposed materials. A. Alberto Lugo worked extensively with the local urban planning team to construct affordable houses while at Parkins and Rhodon.


    While architectural design has always been at the core of A. Alberto Lugo's profession, his principal focus in the last decade has been on environmental conservation through sustainable architecture design. He is regarded as a person of influence in a variety of areas due to his ability to draw architectural designs with environmental preservation in mind. A. Alberto Lugo has created a new respect for the significance of maintaining natural ecosystems and water systems, as well as designing structures that flow with and cooperate with nature.


    When given the chance, A. Alberto Lugo donates his time and talents to a variety of organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Veterans, and The Make It Right at Home Foundation. A. Alberto Lugo founded the Architecture and Earth Awareness foundation in 2015, with the goal of raising awareness among architects, construction businesses, and structural engineers about the relevance of green initiatives in the building sector. To date, the firm has aided in the dissemination of sustainable concepts to over 400 large-scale building projects throughout the world. A. Alberto Lugo is also concerned about climate preservation activities and often participates in fundraising events and promotional goals.

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